Q-Telligence Solutions



Q-Telligence™ provides an array of business services for entities wanting to conduct business domestically and abroad.

B2B – Business to Business

Q-Telligence™ can help you maximize your relationships with other business entities you want to work with. Whether you want to enhance existing relationships or develop new ones, we can assist your organization.

Business to Business

B2C - Business to Consumer

Q-Telligence™ can help you enlarge your customer base through solid strategies that leverage your strengths and improves your weaknesses. We focus on helping you maintain your existing client base and using them as a platform for future growth.

Business to Consumer

B2G - Business to Government

The US Federal government is one of the world’s largest consumers. Each year hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on various products and services. Q-Telligence™ can help you understand if this is a market for your company and determine the best avenues of approach to enter this market.

Business to Government

International Expansion

Expanding globally is a great way to increase market share and grow your business. Q-Telligence™ has the experience and network to assist you in deciding if your business is ready to expand operations overseas. We will assess your current business and look at the markets you are targeting and help provide your decision makers with the information they need to expand, prepare to expand or hold off on expanding internationally.

International Expansion